DJ - Engineer - Designer - Pioneer

DJ Jazzy Joyce has been a pioneer in the game for over thirty years. She has witnessed the transition of Hip-Hop from its inception to the present day. A legend in her own right, she has been fortunate to work with the best of the best in their respective fields. Additionally, her extended stint at Hot 97 has afforded her invaluable insight into the industry and what it takes to get to the next level. With that said, DJ Jazzy Joyce does not suggest playing new, underground music on mainstream radio or in venues who are unfamiliar with your brand. The key components are to increase your fan base and  perfect your product. If you would like DJ Jazzy Joyce to review your project and offer critical insight and feedback, please submit your music accordingly; a  statement will follow shortly thereafter. 

             DJ & hosting Rates

The art of spinning and hosting is as unique as the audience DJ Jazzy Joyce caters to. Her tenure and creativity present for an original and memorable experience every time she performs. She is a perfectionist and sets the tone for an amazing evening. Her rates vary based on locale, capacity and duration. Please complete the form for a quote for your upcoming event. 

DJ Jazzy Joyce

Music Submission & Review